In this week's edition of Dumber Than Zane Trivia, the guys welcomed a lady to the show. A lady named Lindsay. And she proved to be one of the best contestants yet!

With the grand total at $5,200 in prize money and Zane in the middle of a big winning streak, Lindsay had to be a bundle of nerves, right? Wrong. She was cool as a cucumber right from the get go. Free Beer and the guys tried to rattle her at the start, but Lindsay came ready to play.

After winning the toss, Zane elected to go second.

Question 1 - What green material did the Vikings use to roof their longhouses? - Lindsay

Lindsay came sprinting out of the blocks with a correct answer of "sod" for this particularly difficult opening question. We would have guessed flimsy teflon.

Question 2 - From the Old English for the word tool, what machine is used to weave cloth? - Zane

Zane was not sure about this one. His answer of "thool" was kind of close, but also hilariously wrong. Lindsay moved in for the steal and grabbed an early 2-0 lead by answering "loom."

Question 3 - What British comedian used Yakity Sax as a theme? - Lindsay

Without much hesitation, Lindsay answered "Benny Hill" to take a commanding 3-0 lead.

Question 4 - The Paris Peace Accords of 1973 ended a conflict between what nations? - Zane

Zane is pretty good with history and after a bit of pondering, he was able to correctly answer "The US and Vietnam" to make it on to the board and avoid a goose egg.

Question 5 - What does SKU stand for? - Lindsay

If she answered this one correctly, Lindsay would have taken a near insurmountable lead at 4-1. But of course the question was impossible. No one in the studio knew the correct answer "stock-keeping unit."

Question 6 - The time between the Dark Ages and Romanticism is known as what? - Zane

Zane somehow was able to answer "The Age of Reason" to narrow Lindsay's lead to 3-2.

Question 7 - What name describes the process of evaporating and boiling a liquid and condensing its vapor? - Lindsay

Sounds like a hard question. But appreciators of fine spirits everywhere know that the right answer is "distillation." And Lindsay nailed it to take a 4-2 lead over Zane!

Question 8 - The blood thinning, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, acetylsalicylic acid is better known as? - Zane

Proving some science bonafides that nobody knew he had, Zane pulled out "Aspirin" from somewhere to keep the game close at 4-3.

Question 9 - What 1982 Atari game was ranked "the worst video game of all time" by EGM and PC World, amongst others? - Lindsay

Unfortunately for Lindsay, video game knowledge proved to not be in her wheelhouse, as she answered "Donkey Kong." Come on, Lindsay... Billy Mitchell would not be pleased! Zane had a chance to steal and level the game at 4-4. But video games are for nerds, right? There's no way Zane should know the right answer to this one. Hold the phone! Zane again came out of no-where with the right answer: "E.T. The Extra Terrestrial."

Question 10 - What Italian cheese is molded into pear-shaped forms, hung in a room, smoked, and dipped in wax? - Zane

With a chance to steal the game and complete an epic comeback, Zane answered "gouda" with a bit of confidence. Free Beer informed him that this was not correct and the opportunity shifted to Lindsay. Could she pull it out? Alas, her answer of "mozzarella" was not right either. That's a fresh cheese! Nobody guessed the correct answer of "provolone." After 10 rounds, the game was still tied at 4-4!

Question 11 - Who was President when the US Bicentennial was celebrated? - Lindsay

Before Free Beer asked this question, Hot Wings accurately pointed out that this was an "epic battle." Lindsay, showing a bit of her early confidence, answered what appeared to be a logical guess for this one: "Jimmy Carter." But this question was trickier than it seemed. Free Beer told her that it was not the right answer and Zane, after doing a little electoral math, determined that the right answer could only be one man, "Gerald R. Ford."

Zane winsThe streak continues! The jackpot is now $5,600!