Donut hole takes on a whole new meaning in this case.

A Dunkin Donuts employee was not only selling cream sticks during her night shift, she was servicing them too!

Look out coffee and donuts, there is a new combo in town!  Donuts & BJ's!

USA Today is reporting that 29 year old Melissa Redmond was busted in a prostitution sting called "extra sugar".  LOL.

A detective was given an anonymous tip and set up surveillance at the donut shop.

Redmond was seen going into customer cars for 10 to 15 minutes at a time and exchanging money with men.

The donut hooker was arrested after she propositioned an under cover officer, gave pricing and met him in the back of the shop.

Donut names are pretty sexual if you think about it.

Hey when your working with donuts called sticky buns, cream sticks and holes how could you not want to do it?

When you get home today, tell your guy or girl it is time to make the donuts!