There is a little something going on in Michigan this week, as the 2013 World Dwarf Games in East Lansing is now in its sixth day of proverbial short sports.

Somewhere around 400 miniature competitors from 17 countries have found their way to Michigan in order to take part in a multitude of competitions from basketball, soccer, and even bocci. Incidentally, dwarf bocci is just a bunch of little people playing with their big balls - just in case you were curious.

Many competitors say that the World Dwarf Games have given many participants an opportunity to meet people, with relatively the same story, from all across the globe. And while all the athletes take the dwarf games very seriously, most of them are quick to admit that it’s also just a lot of fun being around other people under five-foot-tall.

In our opinion, the most interesting aspect of the dwarf games is the bass fishing, which organizers say was added to the events mainly so competitors could just relax and have a little fun. So far, the largest bass anyone has caught has been around 10 pounds, which fits in perfectly with the crowd considering that it is Shark Week.

All jokes aside, we have no doubt that these athletes could kick our ass, and some of them are probably on their way to the station right now to do just that. Our only hope is that they come with a large sense of humor and not just a short fuse.