The Dwightmare is finally over as another NBA superstar stomped, pouted and left his former team high and dry.  Dwight Howard has been traded to the Lakers.

I try to stand up for the NBA, but it's really been tough to do recently.  Dwight Howard being traded to the Los Angeles Lakers is a prime example of the players running wild on the league and the major market teams having an unfair advantage.  After holding the Orlando Magic hostage for the better part of 2 years, Howard has finally been traded to his own super team, to join Kobe, Pau Gasol and a newly acquired Steve Nash on the west coast.

The Lakers add Dwight Howard, the Denver Nuggets picked up Andre Igoudala, the Philadelphia 76ers probably had the best take of teams not getting Howard with  Andrew Bynum and Jason Richardson and the Orlando Magic basically got screwed with Arron Affalo, Al Harrington, Moe Harkless and some more scrubs, draft pics, three cheerleaders and 17 basketballs.

It's ridiculous that the Lakers add another superstar to their lineup and it's ridiculous how screwed over Orlando got.   The Lake Show has to be the instant favorites in the West and are probably the best bet to keep the Miami Heat from winning consecutive titles.  And let's be real, the Sixers and the Nuggets might get a little better, but neither team will be a real contender for a title.  There needs to be competitive balance in sporting leagues or what's the purpose on having small market teams?  I'm okay with teams that dominate based on talent, solid management and a winning culture, but I'm not okay with teams having an unfair advantage.

Source: ESPN