After a surprisingly short wait for what is believed to be the final season of 'Eastbound and Down,' we didn't even hear that the show is returning this Sunday (Feb 18th) until last weekend (nice promotion HBO). Check out the trailer and see what (and who) Kenny F---ing Powers is getting into for season 3.

Kenny Powers will be back in America and back on our TVs this Sunday, as what has been previously confirmed as the final season of 'Eastbound and Down' returns to HBO. Last season wrapped with Kenny headed to Myrtle Beach for another shot at the majors and we discovered he had a baby on the way with his former girlfriend April.

In the trailer for the new season you can see that Jason Sudeikis of Saturday Night Live has joined the cast as Kenny's new best friend and teammate, which will no doubt launch a hilarious competition with the Kenny-worshiping Stevie. We also see a baby -- although were not sure if it's Kenny's -- as well as Kenny shotgunning beers with April, which could mean the two are back together. We'll find out for sure when Season 3 kicks off at 10p this Sunday on HBO.