Just before Pearl Jam debuted their new song 'Olé' on 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon', Eddie Vedder joined the host in singing his anti-pollution protest tune -- 'Balls in Your Mouth'.

Mr. Vedder is no stranger to the art of the protest song. Pearl Jam's catalog has quite a few rebellious jams like the anti-Bush rocker 'Bu$hLeaguer', the self-explanatory 'No More War', and 'Whale Song' -- which tells the horrors of whaling from the viewpoint of the largest mammals themselves.

When Jimmy Fallon wanted to make a statement about tar balls in the ocean after the BP oil spill, he wrote a song called 'Balls in Your Mouth'. Since the issue has re-surfaced -- Fallon decided to add some street cred to his protest ballad last night by bringing out seasoned vet of the art form, Eddie Vedder, to sing it with him.