This is why I love Pearl Jam -- they are all about their fans. Eddie Vedder proved his devotion to making sure everyone enjoys their concert by yelling at a lady who was causing problems near the front of the stage at a recent show in Los Angeles -- see the video here.

This video proves that you don't want to go to a Pearl Jam concert and start s--- with people in the front row, who probably had to be members of the Ten Club for years to get seats that good. Seriously, the last time I had Ten Club tickets, my seniority of three years only got me somewhat decent seats in section 126 at The Palace of Auburn Hills... not even on the floor! However, thanks to venues with season ticket arrangements and services like StubHub, any dick who has a ton of money can buy their way to the front. We're guessing that's what happened here.

In between songs, Eddie has the house lights brought up and literally tells an unruly member of the crowd to relocate and ensures them that he's "not f---ing around!" He further explained to the, no doubt, stunned fan, "you had the chance to make friends with these people, you f---ed that up... go make some friends over there. It'll be fun." According to a review by the Los Angeles Times, Vedder later joked about the moment, saying, "We didn't have time for a jury trial."