Anne Erickson was able to get a few minutes with Egypt Central frontman John Falls at this year's Dirt Fest. John brought us up to speed on 'White Rabbit' and let us know how the National Football League may help launch the band's second single.

Your new single 'White Rabbit', from the album of the same name, continues to climb up the charts. Did you guys know that one would be special when you recorded it?

Yeah, I think even before we recorded we did a demo version of it and I walked into the room and Blake and Joey put it into the TV and put it on the surround sound in the lounge at the studio. The second that it started playing I was like 'Man, this is awesome!'. As it went through I started jumping around the room. I kinda felt that from the initial conception of it that it was gonna be special song for us.

You worked with producer Skid Mills on the new album who's worked with 12 stones, Saving Abel and a bunch of really great bands. What was it like working with him on the album?

It was a little different than our first one. Skid's really hands-on, he likes to get in there and get his hands dirty with the music. He really gives you a lot of direction and I don't know if it's like that with every band he works with but I know that...we'd known Skid for such a long time and Joey had actually played played bass on one of the 12 stones records that Skid did. He used to live in Memphis and we knew each other for years, so there was a lot of chemistry to begin with. He kind of already had a vision of where he could see the band and where he could take us. I think he put a lot into it...I mean he probably does with everyone, but I like to think that we're special and he put a little  extra [effort] in to us.

What are your plans as far as a follow-up single to 'White Rabbit'?

September 13th our second single goes to radio it's a song called 'Kick Ass' and we've been doing a lot of tie-ins with the NFL with this. We actually made a rendition of it called 'Kick Off'  and the [Philadelphia] Eagles are already using it, the [Dallas] Cowboys, the [Kansas City] Chiefs -- the NFL proper is gonna start to use it,  Fox Sports news is using it with Terry Bradshaw.  It's really early and we still have quite a few weeks until it impacts, so we're gonna keep gathering as much sports stuff around it as we can.