When you think of the elderly, sexy is not a word that comes to mind, for most of us that is. Who knows maybe your down with a wrinkly woman or a grandpa wiener? If so, you will love this story. Get a load of "Grandma Dynamite".

The Smoking Gun is reporting that a 71 year old, Rita Daniels was busted for having public sex in a car with 54 year old Tim Adams.  The pair had just met at a bar.  This pretty much defines "Wham, bam, thank you mam"!  It gets better, according to the police report, when the arresting officer asked what the pair were doing, Adams replied, quote:

"I'm f***ing this chick"

Chick? Seriously?  The woman is 71 years old!  She could be a great grandma.  Hell, she is from Michigan, she could be your grandma!

I would think the cons out weigh the pros when it comes to sleeping with an old woman but who knows?  These are the only pros Chris Monroe and I could come up with:

1. No periods

2.  No teeth

3.  Won't live too much longer

4. Money (maybe)

5. No young kids to deal with


That's all we could think of!