I can totally see this happening to me, no husband, no kids to check on me.  I am going to rot away just like this woman.  A 74 year old Missouri woman was recently found at her home, in a chair basically rotting away.  At the time she was found alive, but literally stuck to the chair.  Her skin was left behind when she was lifted.  So sad and so gross.

ConnectMidMissouri.com is reporting that Carol F. Brown suffered a stroke.  Although she was still breathing when found, she died a short time after.  According to the woman's son, she had been in the chair since October 23, 2011 and had requested to be left there to die.  Police say she had open wounds that were infested by maggots.  Court documents state the home was filthy and smelled of urine and feces.

This is absolutely heartbreaking.  As of now no charges are being filed until exact cause of death is determined.