Grandpas are not what they used to be. You know the grandpa type; gives you a quarter, a piece of hard candy or maybe asks you to sit on his lap. Eugene Hickman of Florida is a special type of grandpa, he loves the family dog, or at least he's accused of loving the family dog too much. See how Grandpa Hickman loves the dog.

According to the Northwest Florida Daily News, Eugene Hickman's grandson supposedly caught his dear old grandpa trying to have sex with the family dog, talk about doggy style. Hickman, 54, was arrested by the Walton County Sheriffs Department and charged with animal cruelty. According to the criminal report it said that Hickman "by his own admission said he was trying to have sex with the dog, however was unable to insert his penis."

Hickman told authorities that he wouldn't do it again, his would be "bitch" was turned over to the animal protection and was scheduled to be examined by a veterinarian.