Looks like round 2 of the often public battle between Amy Lee and Shaun Morgan is on. As Evanescence announced their upcoming album, it was confirmed via Twitter that Seether's guitarist Troy McLawhorn did in fact leave to once again join forces with Shawn's ex-girlfriend.

Evanescence has officially announced the release date of October 4th for their untitled third studio album, the bands first since 2006's 'The Open Door'. The current lineup of the band consists of singer Amy Lee , Terry Balsamo on lead guitar, bassist Tim McCord, and drummer Will Hunt who is currently splitting time with Staind. The latest edition to Evanescence is Troy McLawhorn, who  was just announced as the band's new rhythm guitarist. If that name sounds familiar; there is a good reason for that. He is the former guitarist of both Seether (2008-2011) and Evanescence (2007-2008).

Seether frontman Shaun Morgan and Evanescence singer Amy Lee were the "It" rock couple once upon a time. Back in 2003 they were both young and in up and coming rock bands, the possibilities were endless. After two years the couple split and as most break ups do; it got messy. Their battle took to the music with Amy Lee's break-up letter-esque tune 'Call Me When You're Sober',  Seether followed with 'Fake It' which most likely was written with Lee in mind despite Shaun's claims to the contrary.

Apparently their music wasn't the only place that the two were taking shots at each other; Seether drafted the then guitarist of both Evanescence and Dark New Day to play on their 2008 tour. Ironically that ended his run as Evanescence's touring guitarist. That was the beginning of the "custody battle" that was  re-ignited in March of this year when McLawhorn announced on Facebook:

"Thanks for all of the support. You guys are great! I really enjoyed playing and creating music with the guys and I wish that I didn't have to leave especially now that the album that we worked so hard on is finally coming out. It was a hard decision and I wish them the best. I hope that I will see all of you when I find my next project."

Shaun Morgan's response via Twitter (which is now deleted):

“Interesting news about our old guitarist. Can anyone guess? No, he’s not coming back. He went to another band. Little anti-Shaun club. Any more guesses...? So, good f---ing luck to Amy Lee and Troy.”

After this began making the rounds in the press Evanescence's management denied the claims that McLawhorn had rejoined the band. That was their stance until Amy Lee tweeted:

Is this the end of an ongoing battle of the ex's or the beginning of a new war? Only time will tell I suppose.