It's been 5 years since we last heard new music from Amy Lee and co. Now that she has re-formed some of Evanescence and scrapped an entire album, the pop-rockers are ready to release their latest self-titled effort on October 11th. Check out the new single 'What You Want' here.

After only two previous albums the band has established a large following, selling over 7 million records worldwide. So you can imagine there is quite a bit of excitement surrounding the third album from the rotating line-up of musicians and Amy Lee.

The song opens mixing electronic elements with live drums and could easily pass for a Gaga-esque dance track until the guitar kicks in. That alone isn't enough to save this one, with all the electronic business, piano, and orchestral touches, this thing sounds like a well produced mess. The heavy guitars throughout just seem disingenuous amongst the backdrop of so many other instruments that, in this case, do not work together. By the time Amy sings 'Hello, hello. Remember Me?' in the chorus, you'll wish the answer was no.