The new Evanescence album will be their third and arrives in stores this Tuesday (October 11th). Singer Amy Lee says the album that got scrapped prior to recording the new self-titled effort may see the light of day after all.

Amy Lee had tossed aside the initial "next Evanescence record" and decided to start fresh. The result was the self-titled album that will be available at digital outlets and stores everywhere next week. In a recent interview with Billboard, Amy discussed the possible future of that "lost" album:

"We really do have a lot of extra songs from that time and also songs that the band wrote together; we just wrote a ton in the past few years and especially in the last one year. I think it’s totally possible that some of those songs will end up on different projects someday — maybe solo, maybe something else."

The aforementioned bunch of discarded tunes were said to be more pop and dance based rather than the usual goth rock-tinged "girl power" anthems you've come to expect from the band. Lee also implied that the songs were put on the back burner for that very reason, saying:

'I think that some of those songs aren't right for Evanescence.'

Amy Lee said not to expect the other recordings anytime soon, as she will be focusing on the promotion of the new record.