Goth-inspired rockers Evanescence are the hot topic of the moment, thanks to the news their new album will finally dropping Oct. 4. Now, frontwoman Amy Lee is speaking out about the band’s metallic new effort, and she says it’s “more mature” than anything they’ve done previously.

"I can't give a good quote about it, because it's probably the heaviest record we've ever done, but we're having a great time making it," the singer told MTV News, laughing. "I don't want to say the word 'fun,' but it is ... it's totally fun. We're just going for it…I mean, it's just more mature; it's just a great record. It's hard to sum it up."

Lee promises the first single is nothing like Evanescence of the past. Although the chugging guitars and anguish pop textures are still there.

"It's really different for us. It doesn't sound like any Evanescence track you've heard before," she said the song, which has yet to be announced. "It's heavy, but the melodies and stuff, I feel like I just did what I wanted. I just literally sang what I wanted to sing, because it was fun and it kind of made me smile, and that ended up being the really fun, cool, catchy thing that got everybody hooked on it."

Themes are universal, from the quest for freedom to falling in love: “ ...It's just all over the place,” Lee said.

Lee took a novel approach to songwriting for the self-titled album, which is Evanescence’s first in five years. She wound up writing lyrics about the world, taking a broader approach than just singing about her own experiences.

"That's not something I did on 'The Open Door.' 'The Open Door' was all about me and my personal experiences," she said. "And there's some moments on this one that are actually taken from things that I watched go down, from my friends and stuff like that. But really, whatever makes me feel the most, that's what's on the record, because that's what I need to get off my chest."

Evanescence are currently taping their self-titled third album at a Nashville studio with producer Nick Raskulinecz (Foo Fighters, Velvet Revolver). Are you stoked for it?