Evanescence addicts, undoubtedly, are wondering why it’s taking so long to hear new material from the goth-rockers. As it turns out, Amy Lee and company were well on their way to completing an album when Lee pulled the plug because the sessions just weren’t working.

“I've come to realize now I was making like a solo record, and if it was going to be an Evanescence record, we needed to come together and make it like a band," Lee told Billboard.com.

So, Lee brought on Foo Fighters producer Nick Raskulinecz to man the knobs, and members started writing songs collectively, as a complete band.

“That was a hard time for me. I thought I knew what I wanted and it sort of didn't happen like I wanted it to... But I have to say I feel so strong about what we're doing now,” Lee said.

Lee feels the new songs exemplify a true “collaboration between the whole band.”

“Usually it's me and one main co-writer... This time everybody had something to do with it from the ground up,” she said. “...The way everyone is playing strong, it's like we've been playing the songs on tour for a year.”

The multi-platinum group is planning to wrap up recording (sans mixing) the album by the end of June, and Wind-up Records is gunning for an Oct. 4 release.