Anne Erickson got to chat with Parker Lauzon and Dan Chandler from Evans Blue about the direction of the new album shortly before they took the stage at Dirt Fest 2011. Find out what the guys have been working on and more importantly, when it will be done.

Evans Blue vocalist Dan Chandler and guitarist Parker Lauzon dropped by the media room for a video interview with Anne last Saturday at Dirt Fest. The band has been tirelessly splitting time between the road and the studio. When asked how they were doing Chandler said that weren't getting much sleep, "Not sleeping at all," added Parker.  Anne then moved the conversation from the present to the future:

You guys are working on a new album, tell me a little bit about that.

Chandler: " We started recording drums before this tour-- about a month ago. It's a lot heavier album, it's  alot more energetic...I think it shows a lot of growth. So the album is like our baby right now...we're excited about it. It's gonna hopefully be out in December and have a single out in the next -- I wanna say a couple of months, but you know -- somewhere around there. It's going good though."

Parker: "I'm gonna test some stuff out today were gonna play some stuff today."

Chandler: "Yeah were gonna do a few songs today that are brand new and actually go right back into the studio. We don't even get to go home yet but it's gonna be so worth it."

Parker: "Sounds like he's been planning doesn't it? [laughs]"

Where have you been recording at?

Chandler: "We've been recording in Michigan. Our producer lives up there, our manager lives up there..."

Parker: "We're in Michigan right now [laughs]. We record the drums in Lansing and the studio we go to is in Traverse City. So maybe we'll get some beach time."

What's your favorite thing about playing the big summer festivals like Dirt Fest?

Chandler: "Getting to watch the show also see a bunch of bands hang out with bands your not with every night. You get to meet a lot of people you want to meet."

Parker: "Make some new friends...New ears, new eyes, it's good."