Evans Blue via Facebook

Evans Blue vocalist Dan Chandler is currently touring and recording his second album with the band. It might be a while before we get our hands on the new record, but Chandler has recorded the song 'More Than This' with Tokyo natives HeavensDust to help the victims of the recent disasters in Japan.

Evans Blue is recording their third full-length album, the follow-up to the breakout success of the 2009 self-titled effort, while on a tour schedule that will bring them to Birch Run, Michigan for Dirt Fest 2011 on August 13th.

Japan has seen more than it's share of heartbreaking disasters in the last year. After massive earthquakes, tsunamis, and a nuclear meltdown, the people of Japan need as much help as they can get. A new benefit EP called 'The Sounds of Hope' is on the way and 100% of the proceeds will benefit the victims of the aforementioned disasters. The first single from the EP is called 'More Than This' and features the vocals of Evans Blue singer Dan Chandler, who recorded his parts in Traverse City, Michigan recently, and music from the Tokyo band HeavensDust. The song is now available at iTunes now and the video is currently on YouTube, check it out below.