Evans Blue vocalist Dan Chandler recently sat down to talk about the growth of the band, his songwriting methods, and what fans can expect from their upcoming album which may be out before the end of the year.

Evans Blue are currently readying their fourth full-length release, their second since splitting with former vocalist Kevin Matisyn -- who now fronts the alt-rock outfit Parabelle. Tasked with the nearly impossible job of replacing a frontman and maintaining any kind of success, the band triumphantly moved forward with vocalist Dan Chandler on their 2009 self-titled album.

Now Evans Blue looks to capitalize on the buzz they've spent the last two years building with their relentless touring and well-received album, with their forthcoming untitled disc -- which is has a tentative release date of late December. The album's first single 'This Time It's Different' displays a more comfortable and confident E|B -- blending piano, crunchy power chords, angular lead riffs, and Chandler's powerful vocals for a sound that is both familiar and refreshing at the same time.

In a video posted on their label's (Sights+Sounds) YouTube Channel, Chandler explains how the band's friendships have helped to strengthen their sound on the new record:

"Since the last record, we've grown a ton as a band. The chemistry between each member, the friendships, the relationships that we've gone through with each other -- the more we've experienced, the more we get to know about each other. I think the new record is gonna show a lot of that, a lot of the time we've put in with each other...on the road, because we did a lot of that."

Chandler also explains his approach to writing lyrics that the audience can connect with by drawing from personal experiences, as well as how that will manifest on their new album:

"You earn their trust representing a lot of your own emotions. If you're writing the lyrics, you want to make sure that everybody feels a little bit of what you're saying.  It's very honest you know? It's about being human...what i mean is sometimes you have question or you have anger -- any emotion that you have is not always a lifelong emotion. It's not something that you're stuck with forever. Act out on an emotion whether you believe it the next day or the next year -- it's about 'this is how I felt this one time' and it was powerful enough for me to want to express it like this. So that's what a lot of the songs are."

For more of Dan Chandler's thoughts on the band's relationships, how they crafted the new material on the road, and the forthcoming new record, check out the video below: