The original list of things that need to make a comeback in 2013 couldn't have been more spot on. In fact, I loved it so much that I started thinking of a few things that I feel are ready to return to greatness.

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    Remember these awesome articles of clothing? Well, you're not alone -- hardly anyone does. They weren't around long but the impact they had puts them as one of the things that should make a come back. It's the perfect time for them. They were marketed as "surfware". I, for one, have never seen a surfer hike up the stretchy waste band of a full pant, throw on a fluorescent windbreaker and catch a wave, but nonetheless, now is the time to bring them back for one main reason -- Shopping! I'm pretty tired of this new fad where people can't seem to get dressed in the morning before heading out to run their errands. You're cookie monster pajama pants, nacho cheese stained t-shirt and Crocks are doing nothing for you or for society. With Skidz, at least it will help people look like they tried.

    The 1980s
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    The previous post called for mustaches in 2013. I'm rooting for full beards!!! I love the look of a mustache, and not just in November, but a full beard is where it's at. Just think, some of the coolest bros in the world rock full on, sweet beards -- ZZ Top, Zakk Wylde, Zach Galifianakis, Al Pacino in Serpico, Santa Claus, hell, even super studs like Brad Pitt and David Beckham agree. But the strongest case I have found to support the return of the beard is that of Pittsburgh Steelers' Defensive End, Bret Keisel! Argument over!... Enjoy ladies!

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    Rock N' Roll Debauchery

    Today's rock stars are LAME! There, I said it. I'm tired of today's wussy rock stars. I want the good stuff to come back. Chicks making plaster casts of rock star dongs, rockers using mud sharks on their groupie friend for the evening, motor vehicles in hotel swimming pools... you know, real excess. C'mon kids, do a mountain of blow off the drum riser and pee on the front row. You have some pretty big shoes to fill from the real guys that wrote the book!!!

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    The Fiero

    I couldn't agree more that the 70's style Firebird needs to make a come back. I've always said that if I could have any car to slide across the hood of for the rest of my life, it would be a black Firebird with T tops. Just like the one that Burt Reynolds drove in Smokey and the Bandit. What's more macho than that (well, besides a full beard)? But for those on a tight budget, the Firebird might be a little out of range. That's where the Fiero comes in. It's half of a Firebird. It has to cost half the dollars! Now, it's not quite the family car that a Firebird is since it's only a two seater, and granted it isn't the safest car in the world with the motor being right behind the seats. Being rear ended could be disastrous. But, but the thing that saved it is that the headrests of the driver and passenger seats had speakers built into them. All safety concerns go right out the window when you can't hear danger coming at you in the form of a gas truck.