Man Busted Impersonating Cop At Saginaw Hooters [VIDEO]
So a man on a skateboard was busted for impersonating a cop at Hooters in Saginaw. Yep. 18-year-old Nicholas Fuhst told employees he was an undercover police officer and was looking for suspects involved in a crime. Mmmkay. Shockingly enough, he was believable because employees gave him several name…
Hooters Ballgirl Ruins Play by Tossing Ball into Crowd [VIDEO]
This Hooters employee working as a ballgirl certainly made one fan really happy when she threw a ball into the crowd. The only problem is the fact that this was still a live ball and she ended up ruining the play. I would have buried my face into my glove too. I would rather bury my face in her ches…
Hooters Girl Is Unbelievable With A Hula Hoop
The talents of Hooters girls never cease to amaze me.  A hula hoop is such a simple toy but when you wrap one around the right set of boobs, they become awesome.  I'll be broadcasting live from Hooters next Tuesday and I plan to see if any of our local Hooters girls can keep up. …
Hot Hooters Girl Can Really Hula Hoop
Here at the Banana, we love Hooters. What we love even more is a Hooters girl that can really earn that tip. This chick definitely works for her tip as she can hula hoop her ass off. I would give anything to be the hula hoop in this video. Check out here awesome moves after the jump.
How To Sneak A Kiss From A Hooters Girl
This guy is actually pretty good, more than likely a product of today's colleges.  The amazing thing is that it looks like most of these pranks happened at the same Hooters and the same table - how did the girls not know that was coming?  Seeing as Hooters is LaBrie's favorite re…
8th Grade Class Eats Field Trip Lunch At Hooters
Field trips were awesome, no matter how crappy the destination was, because you were getting out of school.  But regardless of where you went, it wasn't as cool as Hooters.  Check out the story of the happiest middle school boys ever.

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