Prince William and Kate Middleton welcomed a son -- dubbed "The Royal Baby" -- into the world yesterday (7/22/13) and every woman you know can barely contain her joy. Well, we have your exclusive first look at a royal baby picture -- see it here!

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Okay. We know that was a dirty trick, but why do American's even care about the Royal Family? People here get so excited about the fact that they're having a baby or getting married or going on vacation, when pretty much nothing that family ever does will affect their lives in any way. It seems like Britain doesn't even care about them as much as some people do here in the States. Do you think that Britain would be jumping with joy if, say, the Obamas were having a baby? Nope.

Maybe if we paid as much attention to our own country's leaders as we do some royal newborn that is, to us, basically insignificant, things wouldn't be as screwed up as they are now. So, in short -- settle down! It's just a baby. Hundreds of thousands of them are born every day and all of them are more likely to affect your life -- in some way -- than this kid.