Dirt Fest 2012 is about a month away, and if you haven’t heard, Las Vegas boys Falling in Reverse were just confirmed as one of the headliners. I had the chance to chat with singer Ronnie Radke for Loudwire last year, and he described how he turned his life around after serving time in a Nevada prison and, in essence, has music to thank for making his turnaround complete.

“Well, when I was in prison, and I got in touch with a couple of friends in the band online, and I called them up and asked them if they’d be interested in starting something,” he explained. “They said, ‘Yeah, when you’re out, we’ll do this.’ I figured that my life could either go the good way or the bad way from there. But, it couldn’t go any further down. I decided to stop doing drugs and all that crazy partying, and I stopped hanging out with the wrong people.”

After getting out of prison, he faced some trials. But he kept his focus on music. “When I got out, everyone was looking at me,” he said. “I wonder how many people have been watching to see if I would do drugs again or go crazy. I haven’t gone that route. I don’t even think about going that route. I’d rather stick to one main focus, and a positive focus, like touring and playing out and staying out of as much trouble as possible.”

Dirt Fest 2012 is August 11 (one day after my bday!) at the Birch Run Expo Center. For complete details and how to purchase tickets, hit up DirtFest.com.

Watch Falling in Reverse's Music Video for 'Raised by Wolves':