Downseed did the impossible - they defeated Avenged Sevenfold in The Cockfight. Now let's see if they can take down the buzz-worthy band Falling in Reverse.

  • 'The Drug In Me Is You'

    Falling in Reverse

    Falling in Reverse is former Escape the Fate vocalist Ronnie Radke's new band. The band is generating a lot of buzz with their new album 'The Drug In Me Is You', let's see if they can beat down local favorites Downseed with the album's title track.

  • 'Empire of Lies'


    It's always good to see the city rally behind local music, that's exactly what happened last night when Downseed took out rock radio juggernaut Avenged Sevenfold. Despite Falling in Reverse's large following, I think Downseed may be adding another "W" to their cockfighting record tonight.