This sounds kind of like a game of  "Clue", it was a crazy man, with the PVC pipe in the street.  Believe it or not, this is real life for one Oregon family.  Oregon Live is reporting that Sylvester Bridges is facing charges after an argument with multiple 17 year old's.  Some where cousins and one youth was his girlfriend's son.

The altercation began when one of the kids banged on his truck.  I don't know how hard or how long he banged, but it was just enough to piss off Mr. Bridges.  How do I know he was pissed?  Because he then ran his truck into them.   The teens followed Bridges back home, where one of them was hit with a machete.  The other teens grabbed pipes and rakes and struck at the 48 year old man.

Seems a little extreme.  Nonetheless all families do not get along.  I have had plenty of arguments with my sisters but NOTHING like that.  Have you had a knock down throw down with a family member?  Did you use a machete?