[UPDATED 11/16] Holy CRAP! One family recently discovered that they had a secret, hidden staircase in their home of two years, which is usually awesome. What it led to, however, was not. You will not believe what they discovered at the bottom of the stairs.<!--more-->

I have always wished to have some sort of secret, hidden room -- like a Batcave -- in my house. This family was probably pretty stoked to find a spiral staircase behind their bookshelf... until they got to the bottom of it, that is.

As revealed by the photo captions below, the family found some creepy ass dolls, an old school horror movie-style skeleton key and Halloween candy that was recently stolen from the occupants. That means homeboy not only still lives there, but he enters the home periodically to steal food and who knows what else! I'm going home right now to check my house for hidden rooms and creepers!

UPDATE: The 15-year old who posted these photos wrote a follow-up article to answer questions (and alleviate doubt) surrounding the story. While they didn't want to disclose the location of the incident, they revealed that the police cleared them to return to the home after a search didn't turn up a suspect or much evidence that would point to one. The creepy living quarters has since been boarded up.