It has been 11 years since the Zink brothers opened the doors of the famous Machine Shop in Flint. In those years, they have had hundreds and thousands of local and national acts grace their stages. But that isn't the best part. The absolute best part is that a small piece of the Machine Shop leaves flint and travels with each of these bands for years and years to follow. The lights, the atmosphere, the staff, the people of Flint, the cans of PBR, the pictures on the wall, band stickers on the toilets down to the decor on the tables (some tables more desirable- and hairier- than others). These are all memories that these bands carry with them from city to city, state to state and country to country, and memories that the fans carry with them as well. The Machine Shop has made a huge impact on everyone, and we greatly thank Kevin, Craig and everyone else involved with bringing us an amazing experience week in and week out. Check out the photos from last night as Maggie and the Banana crew celebrated a great 11 years of Flint music!