The fans of Tool have a lot of time on their hands these days. One of the fan sites for the band put together a bracket competition where all of Tool's songs would battle to the death for the right to be called the best. When the dust settled only one song was left standing; 'Lateralus'.

The Tool fan site The Tool Page decided they wanted to know what other fans considered to be the best song in the band's catalog. Their solution, to draw up a bracket March Madness-style and let the fans vote on which song would win each match, the winners progressed and the losers...well you know. The song that ultimately won 'Tool Madness' was the title track from 2001's 'Lateralus' (check out the song below), not a bad choice if you ask me. While the song may not top my list, it's pretty damn close to the top.

Hopefully when the band gets wind of this they will realize how agonizing it is for the super-fans to have to wait 5+ years between albums and just make a new one already.