Father's Day is upon us, and considering you probably spent more time with the dads on TV than you did with your own father, I figured I would put dedicate my Friday Top 5 to them.  Unlike my worst TV Moms list, this the best of the best of TV dads.

Number Five: Cliff Huxtable The Cosby Show

Cliff Huxtable is an old school pick, but he's earned his place at the table.  Cliff was about more than just Jello Puddin Pops, the dude genuinely loved and cared for his kids.  Sondra, Denise, Theo, Vanessa and Rudy weren't the worst kids in the world, but each was a pain in the ass at some point or another.  Cliff always gave good advice, and never gave his kids a free ride.  Considering that he was a doctor and his wife was a lawyer, the fact that the Huxtables weren't spoiled rich brats is the sign of a good dad.

Number 4: Red Forman That 70's Show

Red was always pissed off about something, and that's a part of the reason why he's such a good dad.  Red never sugar coated anything for Eric, which builds character.  Red was at least sort of racist, but he was the campy "he's from a different time" racist.  Red dealt with all of Eric's stoner buddies hanging out in the basement, and throughout the series, he showed he cared about all the kids.  Red is proof that even if your son is a dumb ass, it doesn't mean you're not a bad dad.

Number 3: Uncle Phil The Fresh Prince of Bel-Aire

Uncle Phil holds it down for non-biological fathers on the list. Obviously, since Will calls him Uncle Phil and not dad, Phillip Banks took Will in and loved and raised him as his own.  Uncle Phil always had Will's back and even put up with Jazz always being around.  Phil was a civil rights activist turned lawyer turned judge so he set an example of how to be a success to his children.  Plus he and Will had a hilarious back and forth.

Number Two: Tim 'The Toolman' Taylor Home Improvement

Coming straight out of Michigan, the Toolman was everything we love about fathers.  He's hardworking, funny, slightly incompetent, and completely caring, while still keeping it manly.  Tim spent all of his time working on his cars, his house, and modifying things for "More Power!"

Number One: Homer Simpson The Simpsons

If I made a worst TV sitcom dads list, Homer would probably be number one on that too.  Homer would do anything for his family, and pretty much has.  The guy has help jobs such as snow plow driver, hitman, fast food worker, astronaut and of course, nuclear safety inspector.  Homer always has the best of intentions, even if things don't always go as planned.  No doubt about it though, Homer found a way to resolve everything in a half hour and even if he was choking Bart, he was loving him too.