Wahoo! This is the best news ever. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a pill that will save us from the painful day after effects of boozing it up. No joke, there is now a pill to cure your hangover called "Blowfish".

Blowfish is the brain child of Brenna Hayson, who claims after one of her pills, you will start to feel better within 15 to 30 minutes.  Hayson goes on to say, quote:

“So many people see hangovers as a shameful or embarrassing thing. I think of them as just a fact of life."

I like the way this girl thinks!  According to the New York Daily News the medicine is made up of 1,000 milligrams of aspirin, 120 milligrams of caffeine and a stomach-soothing agent into two effervescent tablets, like an Alka Seltzer tablet and sells for about three dollars.  Drinkers are advised to take it upon waking up.

Most of us can relate to that queasy, tired, sometimes sickening feeling after a night of cocktails.  I am all for trying this product.  So just when you think you should cut yourself off, have another!  You won't be blowing chunks when you have a Blowfish!  Cheers!

Now if there were only a pill to get rid of that strange you picked up last night.........