'Fear Factor' has returned to television and it's more disgusting than ever. The latest gross-out eat/drink this challenge the show has somehow snuck past the FCC, involves a donkey and you vomiting after watching.

We've seen some nasty stuff go down on 'Fear Factor' in the past but a challenge on this coming (hmmm, maybe we should spell that different for this story) Monday's episode takes the cake. TMZ reports that contestants will be tasked with drinking not only donkey urine but the reproductive fluid of the creature as well.

What sounds like a page out of the 'Jackass 3D' playbook -- Chris Pontius shamefully drank horse semen in the "film" -- is actually going to air in primetime on a major network (NBC is still considered a major network right?). Somehow the producers -- who were unsure if the stunt could even be televised -- got approval from censors to allow the gut-wrenching gag to air. We're assuming Tyrone Biggums was there because there are reports that the challenge was completed -- the episode will air Monday January 30th on NBC at 9p ET.