Look no further, Food Network. The Internet has found your next big star -- Felicia A. O'Dell. Watch as she shows us how to make the best out of Ramen Noodles with all the personality, flare and vulgarity that is missing on every TV cooking show out there.

As a guy who spent 13+ years sweating his ass off in a kitchen for people that didn't give a s--- if I vanished of the face of the Earth tomorrow, regardless of how hard I worked or how much money I made for their business, I know a thing or two about the gritty side of the culinary world. Let me tell those of you whose only exposure to kitchen life is via the sleek and glamorous world of the Food Network -- those shows are nothing like what a real world kitchen is like... at least not one in an affordable restaurant.

Most kitchens at your favorite eatery are dirtier than the ones on TV, have older/barely functioning equipment and are populated by people that are just making the best out of their current situation. They work terrible hours, holidays and often times put up with insufferable a-hole managers to bring you that bacon cheeseburger that you love so much. Oh... and there's 10,000% more profanity in every kitchen than what they let you hear on Food Network. The bad swearing habits you pick up in kitchens are hard ones to break. I still casually drop F-bombs, albeit unintentionally, in the least appropriate situations.

This is why I think this woman in the video, Felicia A. O'Dell of Los Angeles, needs her own cooking show. This is the cooking show for cooks... not chefs. Watch as she makes a meal for many on a budget -- something my restaurant people have to deal with on a daily basis -- and manages to be more entertaining than Bobby Flay, Guy Fieri, Alton Brown and (depending on whether or not we're counting cleavage as a factor) Giada De Laurentiis combined. Seriously, they could shoot this with a camera phone flipped the wrong way and run ads nonstop on both sides and I'd still watch.

In fact, if Food Network sleeps on this opportunity -- you could host the first ever Banana 101.5 cooking show, Felicia. Let us know.