Some wieners were nearly roasted earlier this week when a fire raged out of control at a Michigan nudist camp.

According to reports, a fire started in a camper parked at the Forest Hills Club just outside of Grand Rapids. Even though the exact cause of the fire is not known, we suspect that one of the male nudists accidentally knocked a candle onto the carpet after misjudging the swing ratio of his little camper, so to speak.

Unfortunately, by the time authorities arrived to extinguish the blaze, the scene looked more like a regular camp ground than a nudist colony. Although, we would be willing to bet that it reeked of burnt pubes!

“Most everybody was dressed when the fire department got here, out of respect,” said one of the campers. “When vendors come on the grounds, like UPS or delivery trucks, or vendors, out of respect for being close up, I stay covered. We’re not trying to force this on anybody else. We have a place where we do what we do. We respect the surrounding community. We don’t walk down the street or have parades.”

And while the idea of nudist camp sounds like a wild place, Ionia County Sheriff Sergeant William Hoskins says that the colony doesn’t cause any trouble and officers are rarely called out for a disturbance at the resort.

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