Five Finger Death Punch are drawing some heat from their hardcore fans over their dubstep remix of 'Under and Over It'. Check out the new version and hear what the band is saying about it here.

Dubstep is all the rage these days. The English electronic dance music has been slowly intertwining itself with the world of rock music of late, most notably on Korn's collaboration with Skrillex 'Get Up' --  in fact the band's entire entire new album will be a dubstep infused odyssey.

Five Finger Death Punch are the latest hard rockers to get in on the trend, they remixed the single 'Under and Over It' with "Electro-Wizard" Kraddy. The remix caused an immediate onslaught of negative comments in the attached Facebook thread, such as:

"I needed a good laugh. I always said you guys could be the next Metallica, Now get the Load out and Put The Metal Up Your A--."

"Sucks complete ass. That a-hole needs to go hang out with Moby and get the f--- away from 5FDP."

Even though there were as many positive comments as their were negative, 5FDP felt obligated to reassure their fans they haven't gone soft:

"LOL! Before aaaall the confusion starts with the Under & Over Remix! We are not turning into a dub step or step dance act anytime soon. If you're curious how we'd sound with a tuba player - no worries - that's not going to happen either. However, we heard a couple or remixes we thought were interesting and felt like sharing them with you guys... but that's all they are *REMIXES* ! So cool it... Under and Over it lives as we wrote it."

The artist who remixed the track, Kraddy, also chimed in to let the fans (or non-fans as it were) know that the remix is not exactly dubstep:

"I just want to thank 5FDP for the chance to remix their track. I am not a dubstep artist and this is not a dubstep remix. I just tried to make something heavy as f--- and stay true to the spirit of the original. If you dig it, and you posted that you like it, thank you!"

Here is the (technically not) dubstep version of 'Under and Over It