There is nothing more exciting than a film crew from La-La-Land moving into your neck of the woods for a few months to shoot the next Hollywood blockbuster – especially, when some of the movie industry’s top actors are attached to the production. Seriously, how many of you have ever gone on a star search after hearing a movie was going to be filmed in Michigan?

However, what's interesting is that while researching some of the films with Michigan roots, we discovered a number of movies that we didn't realize were shot here. Perhaps that is because only portions of the movie were filmed in these parts, or maybe we suffered some sort of blackout during the time it all took place. Nevertheless, here are five movies we either forgot, or never knew showcased scenes of Michigan.

The Evil Dead

Portions of 'The Evil Dead' were shot in Detroit and Marshal, Michigan

Hostel III

Portions of 'Hostel III' were filmed at the Detroit Masonic Temple in Detroit, Michigan.


Portions of 'Jumper' were filmed in Ann Arbor and Newport, Michigan.


'Stone' was filmed in Ann Arbor, Detroit, Dexter and Ypsilanti, Michigan.

True Romance

Portions of 'True Romance' were filmed in Detroit, Michigan.