I found this list on line at www.rizunaismail.blogspot.com and thought I would pass it on. 

This is not just for the guys.  Girls you should read on and see if you fit into any one or more of these categories.  I am sure you don't.

Five Types Of Women To  Avoid:

  1. The Smart-Ass. This woman drips sarcasm.  She enjoys answering and asking questions with a tone and an attitude that pushes away the nicest of suitors.  Her words drip with venom and her personality is based on making others feel beneath her.  She will say she is confident and that no one understands her sense of humor.  You will know she is a smart-ass, and one of  the five types of women to avoid.
  2. The Gold Digger. I am not typing this one out.  I think it is self explanatory.
  3. Ms. Right. This lovely lady can have a host of great qualities and characteristics, but she has a stubbornness for being correct that turns off any man and turns any relationship into a disaster.  If you disagree or prove her wrong, there will be hell to pay.
  4. The Psycho! A broad category with many entries, the psycho includes the girl who calls, texts or posts on your Facebook wall 10 times a day.  It includes the girl who wants to know your every move and asks how you've been when she just spoke to you an hour ago.  If there is any woman to avoid at all costs, it is the psycho!  She will insert herself into your life and shake all aspects of your existence.  If you fail to look at her from all aspects, you'll end up with a bothersome, insecure and potentially vicious woman who will show no signs of going away.
  5. The Rebound. She is the most sinister on the list because she is the most difficult to detect.  Like the psycho, this girl tends to come on strong, hot and heavy.   Her seductive ways could weaken some of the strongest players.  You will bypass better judgment and fall hard.  But the truth is that you are just a lay, just a sexual encounter to help her past the man who recently broke her heart.

I am pretty sure that the above women to avoid, are the same men to avoid.