A Florida homeowners association (HOA) is actually trying to shut down a neighborhood lemonade stand  because the children do not have a business license.  Ridiculous!

Who didn't have a lemonade stand as a kid?  I ran one with my sisters all the time as a kid.  No one ever asked us for a business license.  Vodka, sure but never a business license.

The kids operating the "illegal" stand range in age from five to ten-years old.  The children are donating the money they earn to a school that one of their friends disabled sister attends. How sweet is that?

The homeowners association continue their claim that HOA laws are being violated.  Again, ridiculous!

My Dad would of kicked all their asses and had us sell lemonade 24/7 just to piss them off!

The only business these fools need to worry about is their own.  Mind your own business, no license needed!