I know it's funny to talk about the things that happen in Flint that are trashy, crazy or hilarious... but I also feel that it is important to keep it in our minds that we do have plenty of nice things to be a part of as well. 

I went to the art fair at the Flint Institute of Arts today and had a wonderful time enjoying other peoples passions. There were a ton of artists with works on display, and also a beer tent and food vendors for those of us who like the art on our taste buds! In the beer tent they had that good, summer time, lemonade drinking, dancing in your chair kind of live music, and it was all around a great time. I couldn't take a ton of pics, but here are a few from the beautiful event in the Cultural Center. If you weren't able to make it Downtown for this one, I hope you can find time check out the next Art Fair.