Undefeated local boxer, Anthony Dirrell was involved in a motorcycle accident this past Friday night, breaking both his leg and fracturing his arm.  Check out the details on the number one contender in the WBC's Super Middleweight division.

In the 24 fights Anthony Dirrell has been in, he's won them all.  21 of them by knockouts.  Unfortunately for the Flint boxer, this past Friday night, on Lippencott, he wiped out on the motorcycle he was riding, breaking a bone in his lower left leg and fracturing one of his arms.  According to reports, Dirrell was wearing a helmet and ran into a car that pulled out in front of him.


The 27-year-old boxer underwent a four hour surgery at Hurley Medical Center to repair his leg bone and his family described his recovery as going well.  This setback couldn't come for a worse time for Dirrell, as the World Boxing Council announced he would be fighting the third-ranked Nikola Sjekloca for the vacant Super Middleweight championship.


This isn't the first setback in the career of Anthony Dirrell either.  The boxer battled cancer, and it kept him from the ring for 2 years.  You've gotta think though, the guy is an undefeated boxer that beat cancer, a broken leg is nothing.


Source: MLive.com