Two 11-year-old boys are facing charges for allegedly bringing a toy gun to Doyle-Ryder Elementary School in Flint. A petition has been filed in juvenile court to charge the youths with disturbing the peace.

Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton says one of the boys had a dispute with a teacher and wanted to teach her a lesson. Leyton goes on to say, quote:

'It's always your concern that a young person can get his hands on a real gun and bring it to school. There is no reason to bring a gun to school. Bringing a gun, even if it's a toy gun, to school causes all sorts of chaos and I think these youngsters need to be brought into the courthouse and we need to get their attention so that's what we're going to do'

Do you happen to have a child that goes to Doyle? Even if you do not, what are your thoughts on this matter?


*Above picture does not represent actual toy gun or boys involved.