For those small business entrepreneurs in Flint ready to introduce the world to the next big thing, you may be able to get the jump start you need from a new micro-lending program.

A networking website called is a vital resource for connecting small business owners with investors and venture capitalists looking to fund start-up companies and expansion projects. Representatives from the Flint chapter say that the means are now in place, it is now up to the local people to make it successful.

“It really will depend on how quickly the community rallies around this initiative…and takes action to go and nominate an entrepreneur and lend to them,” said Elizabeth Garlow of Michigan Corps.

Interestingly, people who want to get involved in funding new businesses around Flint can do so for as little as $25 on the KIVA website. Similar programs have been successfully launched around Michigan throughout recent years.

For more information on the Michigan chapter of KIVA or to get a sugar daddy for your next project, click here.