That's right, fellow Flint residents. We have again landed near the top (or bottom, technically speaking) of another "Your City Sucks," list -- this time it's Forbes Magazine's list of 'America's Most Miserable Cities.'

Flint, Michigan has a s---load of problems -- we already know that. Having just one of our major challenges -- plummeting property values, vanishing job market, rampant crime or persistent budget issues -- would be enough to make other major cities poop in their pants, but we have all those and then some.

The newest epidemic facing our city isn't one created by our citizens -- it's created by magazines, websites, television and other forms of media. You may be asking, "What is this problem that you speak of?" Well, I'll tell you -- It's people telling us how much Flint sucks.

We, citizens of Flint, know it's not the best place in the world. A lot of us have made peace with that long ago. I, personally, still enjoy living here, despite all the problems with the area. Sure it's not perfect, but I still manage to:

  • Have fun
  • Raise a family
  • Support that family with a decent paying job in my chosen field
  • Own a nice home, decent car
  • Not get stabbed, shot or robbed on a daily basis

...and to think all of that is done right here in Flint, Michigan without me being miserable. Suck it, Forbes Magazine! I think that before these clowns are allowed to print a word about how "miserable" Flint is, they should be forced to go hang out on the north side of town. Only then will they be qualified to write about things which they currently claim to know based on secondhand information.

Flint wasn't the only Michigan city that the financial rag bagged on, as Detroit was decreed the most miserable city in America and Warren landed at #7. It appears that they based a lot of the decision on housing market/property value numbers in the case of the latter.

You can read the full article here if you want, but why bother. You can get an uninformed opinion on our city from anyone else who doesn't live here and it will be equally as informative. They were, after all, #1 on our list of America's Most Depressing Magazines, so proceed at your own risk.