We did it, Flint! We made to the upper half of another national list. This time it is for having a way-above-average obesity rate. Find out where we placed here.

Maybe it's because the only signature cuisine we have is the Flint Coney (which are excellent). Maybe it's because some people are too scared to go outside and exercise. Maybe it's because you have to leave town to find a decent selection of healthy food options. Maybe we're eating our problems. Which ever reason (or combination of them) is the cause, Flint being one of the fattest cities in America is the effect.

According to weather.com (yes, the website that specializes in weather and, apparently, fat people studies), Flint is the 14th fattest city in the United States of America. The results come from the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, which gave Flint a 32.2% obesity rate. That was enough to tie us with Binghamton, New York, who at least have awesome pizza to blame.

Flint has acquired quite a reputation in the national media the past few years. At least outsiders will keep us in mind if they're looking for a place to visit that is fat and super-violent with awful politicians where they can film a video beating their kids and post it to Facebook. It should be noted that we don't believe any of those things should identify our city, but that is all that people who don't live here know about us thanks to the national media. Oh well. Flint Happens.