Someone in Lapeer may have won the Mega Millions lottery, but a Flint man recently scored big with a different kind of green, finding 2 garbage bags full of marijuana in his driveway.  Check out the details on what he did with the bud.

Flint Police have reported that a resident of the city recently found two garbage bags full of marijuana in his driveway and proceeded to call police and turn over the drugs.  The name and the location of the man are not being released as a safety precaution, but police commend the man for making the right decision.

It would be quite the find to come home to two giant bags of pot, and I'm not 100 percent sure what I would have done in that situation.  Of course there is the idea of smoking it all or selling it, but if you decide to do that, and the rightful owners of those giant bags of pot come looking for them, you might be in a world of hurt.  I know some people are going to have an issue with the man turning over the pot, but it might have been the right decision.

Source: MLive