By now you've definitely heard about Flint City Councilman Eric Mays' wild weekend bust (DUI, four flat tires, no insurance, possession of marijuana). Well, Mayor Dayne Walling heard about the bust to and he's asking for Mr. Mays' resignation.

Eric Mays election to City Council was a controversial one from the beginning. Once it became public knowledge that he was one of two convicted felons just elected to the council, people unaware of said info were infuriated. Criminal record aside, Mays' win was by such a small margin that a recount took place earlier this week, the results of which gave him one extra vote and an eight vote victory. His arrest over the holiday weekend certainly didn't help Mays gain any backing either.

On November 30th, Mays was locked up after reports that he was driving in the wrong direction on I-475 led police to his location. They found the (allegedly intoxicated) councilman attempting to change four flat tires...seriously? Who has four spares in their vehicle? On top of all that, he was popped for possession of marijuana and had no proof of insurance... that's a facepalm moment for sure.

In a meeting this morning, that Mays was prohibited from attending, Mayor Walling, along with Emergency Manager Darnell Earley and City Council President Scott Kincaid, asked for the disgraced Councilman's resignation.

Audio of Walling and Earley Asking for Mays Resignation

Outside, Mays held his own little conference where he refuted the idea, saying, "I'm not gonna resign. I think it's ridiculous to be talking to me about resignation and I'm an innocent man." Maybe it's just us, but he even sounds tanked in the audio clip below.

Mays Proclaiming His "Innocence"

Just in case Mr. Mays is reading this article, we thought we should place the definition of "innocent" below for him to examine:

Sorry, bud. Neither of those definitions sound like they apply to you. We'll keep you updated on this situation as it unfolds.

Flint City Councilman Eric Mays Arrested for DUI + Possession of Marijuana