Craig Menear of Flint has just been named as the new CEO of Home Depot, which basically means he's about to hear from everyone he ever encountered during his time in the 810.

Glen Rice, Terry Crews, Mateen Cleaves... the list of those who've made it out of Flint and into successful careers goes on for several seconds longer than it does at the beginning of this sentence. Now you can add Craig Menear to that list.

MLive reports that the 57-year-old will take over as CEO of the world's largest chain of home improvement stores on November 1st after holding several positions with the company between 1997 and now. Menear reportedly still has family in the area, which likely means he'll become very accustomed to phone calls from third cousins and grade school friends asking for "the hook up on a job" or if they can "borrow some tools."

Sources (and by sources, I mean something I'm totally making up on the spot) say that despite having worked there since 1997, Craig probably still can't find anything in that store. Seriously, every time I'm in there I have to enlist a team of at least 3 employees to find what I'm looking for. That aside, we'd like to congratulate Craig Menear... and ask him if we can borrow a backhoe for the weekend for the price of "on the house." Come on, man! You know me.