Four area bands battle it out for a week of airplay in the Flint Town Throwdown. This week's bands are Givensix, No Resolve, Detroit Voodoo, and 5ubkultur3 -- listen to the tracks and vote for your favorite now.

  • Givensix

    'Victim' [audio:|titles=Givensix - Victim]

    Blending time tested rock and roll songwriting techniques with progressive tones and hints of death core, Givensix isn’t your average metal band. Hailing from Flint, MI, they’ve forged their own sound, both dark and angry, yet somehow familiar, darkly comic and jaunty enough to make you wanna dance around or punch someone in the throat. Catch Givensix during our local rock showcase along with Tensionhead, Westfall, and The Product at The Machine Shop March 3rd.

  • No Resolve

    'Trust Me Not' [audio:|titles=No Resolve - Trust Me Not]

    Hailing from southeast Michigan, their influences are widespread. This range of influences is reflected in their music, with a diverse palette of original material. The energy of their live shows is indisputable. No Resolve will be playing at The Machine Shop on March 31st with Janus.

  • Detroit Voodoo

    'Get Back' [audio:|titles=Detroit Voodoo - 'Get Back']

    Detroit Voodoo deliver a steady dose of energy in the form of hard driving pulses, contagious hooks and infectious grooves to catch and keep a listeners ear without too much complexity weighing it down. Our music combines heavy rock with fun and simplicity, brought to life onstage with animated performances.

  • 5ubkultur3

    'Erasus' [audio:]

    5ubkultur3 is the alias of Kem Secksdiin and a genesis of years of musical experimentation. Kem formed 5ubkultur3 in hopes to consummate his years of experience as an artist and performer with the art of production. Kem utilizes an insightful interpretation of underground club music with his metal upbringing to showcase the raw essence and power that is 5ubkultur3. Catch the band opening for Orgy on Febrauary 29th at The Machine Shop.