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Four area bands battle it out for a week of airplay in the Flint Town Throwdown. This week's bands are Through the Ashes, Falling with Glory, Widetrack and Until Solace — listen to the tracks and vote for your favorite now.


Through the Ashes


Through The Ashes is intense, energetic, and high-impact. They pride themselves on their rabid fan base, killer songs, and impressive stage show. Solidified with the current lineup in 2010, Through The Ashes went and cut their first album with producer Don Debiase of StandBy Records and are focused on touring the Midwest in 2012.

Falling with Glory


The four piece Falling with Glory formed in the summer of 2009 bringing together a plethora of unique styles to create their pop-punk, rock, metal with synthesizers genre.


'The Shrine'

Widetrack was founded in 2005 by Ron Tippin, a musician/producer from Michigan, USA, who wrote, co-recorded, co-produced and funded the band's 2007 debut self-titled album, as well as its follow-up, 2009's Widetrack II. Their music has been given such descriptions as “Progressive hard rock without the wanking” and "Music for the 'approaching midlife crowd' who still want an edge to their deep-thought rock.” The band's sound conveys a driving energy and melodic sense which compliments its dark and moody undertones.

Until Solace


Until Solace was formed during the summer of 2011 in Fenton, MI. The music focuses on powerful, hard-hitting yet melodic riffs with a ton of energy behind them. They are currently booking shows throughout Michigan and are looking forward to meeting lots of new bands as well as develop new fans.

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Polls close at 11:59p on Sunday. The poll only allows fans to vote one time in a 24 hour period (clicking through to see the results will not affect the number of votes). If a band is suspected of hacking the poll -- and trust me, we will know -- we reserve the right to disqualify them at any point during or after the results are final. In other words, let's keep it fair. You don't want to be the one that blows a great opportunity for your favorite band. To submit your band for the Flint Town Throwdown click through to our band submission page.