Four area bands battle it out for a week of airplay in the Flint Town Throwdown. This week's bands are A Sleepless Malice, Deveraux, Deadringer and To Be Fed — listen to the tracks and vote for your favorite now. Don't forget to tune in Monday nights at 11p to hear all this week's bands as well as the winner from the previous week.

  • A Sleepless Malice

    'Under A Dying Sun'[audio:|titles=A Sleepless Malice - Under A Dying Sun]

    A Sleepless Malice was formed by former members of I Decay, Selfless, Flesh Burned to Ashes, HI8US and Deadringer. After several line-up changes they are back with a new sound and a new EP, "Under a Dying Sun."

  • Deveraux

    'The Last of Us'[audio:|titles=Deveraux - The Last of Us]

    DeverauX is an American metal band from Lansing, Michigan, formed in 2011 by drummer David Floyd, guitarist Chas Millican and vocalist Phil LaMay. With the addition of bassist JD Younk, the band is known for their driving rhythms, thrashing riffs, melodic hooks and a powerful message of self perseverance.

  • Deadringer

    'Down Below'[audio:|titles=Deadringer - Down Below]

    Using the philosophy that their hometown was built on, Flint, Michigan’s Deadringer brings over a decade of busting ass to the table with a full on assault of sound on the ears. Formed in 2005, Deadringer is currently made up of dueling lead guitarists Derek Fletcher and Thomas Jon, bassist Marshall Barnett, drummer Paul Bissonnette Jr and vocalist Gabe Allen. Deadringer brings a bar brawling energy to the stage with powerful riff driven songs, thundering rhythm section, and in your face vocals. Be prepared for the nuclear punch in the face that is Deadringer.

  • To Be Fed

    'Hellborne'[audio:|titles=To Be Fed - Hellborne]

    Since its conception in late 2007, To Be Fed has always done precisely what it wants to do. They've always been a provocative act, not by will, but by nature. As musicians, they feel content in experimenting with an extremely diverse range of styles, and their overall sound is owed to their eclectic tastes in music, formal backgrounds and, appreciation for acts and artists that made a difference and defined what they listen to today. To Be Fed's sound is a cultivated one, but with an air of hedonism, calamity and treachery. They've never been afraid to put a comedic touch on things, nor have they ever been afraid to bend the rules or break the status quo as is their wont.