Four area bands battle it out for a week of airplay in the Flint Town Throwdown. This week's bands are Sick Smile, Dryvel, 5ubkultur3 and WestFall — listen to the tracks and vote for your favorite now. Don't forget to tune in Monday nights at 11p to hear all this week's bands as well as the winner from the previous week. If you have a band and want to be in the Throwdown, link to the submission form at the bottom of the page or simply email your radio-edited track to with the subject line "Flint Town Throwdown."

  • Sick Smile

    'Status Update' [audio:|titles=Sick Smile - Status Update]

    Sick Smile is a band from Detroit, Michigan. With music that is groove based and danceable, it retains a rock edge but projects a catchy pop feel. This combination of different genres produces a familiar yet fresh sound that is highly listenable. The foundation of the group is built on solid and tasteful drumming. A thick layer of bass holds down the bottom end and rounds out the rhythm section. The guitarist provides texture and melody in an understated yet consistent manner. Completing the group is one high-energy front man who was born to perform and lives to entertain. Welcome to the music of Sick Smile.

  • Dryvel

    'Columbo Says' [audio:|titles=Dryvel - Columbo Says]

    [drahyv-uh l] noun, verb,

    - aimless group of friends, or meaningless talk between friends

    Dryvel is set out to rock hard, fast, and play music your parents say is too loud. Having formed in the fall of 2000, this rock and punk influenced group have established themselves has musicians that promote an optimist message through their high-energy music. With the completion of a new full-length concept album titled He Walks Alone, Dryvel is ready and excited to become your new favorite band.

  • 5ubkultur3

    'DruGz' [audio:|titles=5ubkultur3 - DruGz]

    5ubkultur3 is the alias of Kem Secksdiin and a genesis of years of musical experimentation. Kem formed 5ubkultur3 in hopes to consummate his years of experience as an artist and performer with the art of production. Kem utilizes an insightful interpretation of underground club music with his metal upbringing to showcase the raw essence and power that is 5ubkultur3.

    5ubkultur3, Facebook
  • WestFall

    'Breathe' [audio:|titles=Westfall - Breathe]

    WestFall is exceptionally active in their local music scene and are constantly striving to broaden their horizons. They have two albums on iTunes and have played to thousands of fans in venues all across the state. Their fan base grows exponentially with every performance, including an outstanding following of family and friends who support their goals as musicians. They strive to create and continue to build a solid future for their music. Their band has been performing for six years, their friendship twenty, and their commitment still strong.

    WestFall, Facebook